26th of November - 5th of December 2018

Camera Lucida contemporary jewelry exhibition will be presented at the UN headquarters in New York

Between November 26 and December 5 2018, Camera Lucida contemporary jewelry and mixed-cost exhibition will be showcased in the United Nations headquarters in New York. The project takes place in the context of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary since the end of World War I and the Great Union Centennial and is organized by Assamblage – The National Association for Contemporary Jewelry in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Romania to the UN, funded by the Ministry of Culture and Identity National, with the support of Simplu.MakerShop and Montblanc Romania.

What is the connection between contemporary jewelry to the notions of war and conflict?

How can contemporary artists and designers inquire about the social and historical context, about peace and dialogue, and how can they claim their active role for a better world?

In a year that marks the commemoration of 100 years since the end of one of the most atrocious events in history - the First World War, all forms of artistic expression seem to come together in a common discourse. Film, theater, literature, painting, sculpture, photography, exert their potential of communicating stories and transmitting emotions from the past. Contemporary jewelry brings its own approach, perhaps more personal and intimate than other visual forms. By the act of creation and wearing, jewelry expresses its value through a permanent dialogue between the artist and the bearer, in which the story changes and evolves permanently.

Camera Lucida project was set out in 2017 as a challenge for artists around the world to work together and use contemporary jewelry as a medium of artistic expression and intersubjective analysis of World War I. Romanian and international artists from over 10 countries (including USA, France, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Finland and South Korea) responded to the challenge and collaborated in an experimental project in teams of two. The results spoke about trench art, front letters, family memories, and important moments in the collective memory.

How different are we human beings from each other? How many of those concerned about collective traumas will respond to our challenge focusing on revenge, on a righteous justice? The surprise is that healing, normality, beauty, and other ideals of a natural world have been the filters of perception and remembrance of the atrocious events.” David Sandu – Curator of Camera Lucida.

The exhibition will be showcased at the United Nations Headquarters in New York between the 26th of November and 5th of December 2108, the reception and official opening of the exhibition taking place on the 27th of November 2018. Previously, Camera Lucida was exposed in another important diplomatic center - Brussels, part of EuRoCultura 2018 @BOZAR Brussels, through an Assamblage and European Artists Management collaboration between 10 - 14th of October 2018.


Exhibition signed by Assamblage – The National Association for Contemporary Jewelry in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Romania to the UN

Cultural project financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, with the support of Simplu.MakerShop and Montablanc Romania.

Curator: David Sandu

Architect: Alexandra Hoinarescu

Ink drawing: Bogdan Lupescu

Photo credits: Mediaholic Studio

Exhibiting designers: Alina Constantinescu, Ana Marchetanu, Andreia Gabriela Popescu, Arina Nitulescu, Cleopatra Cosulet, Diana Pantea, Anayd Blu by Diana Tobosaru, Letitia Pintilie, Life in Mono by Tana Enedi, Gabriela Secarea, Juls by Teodora Rus, Roxana Hodorog, Amira Jalet, Tania Cruz, Sara Chyan, Mariolina Mascarino, Vincent Hawley, Helene Jeandot, Ryungjae Jung, Monica Wickstrom, Sabina Vargas, Angela Malhues.

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