The Community

The Romanian cultural environment has the huge chance of rebuilding the creative fields in accordance with the international context. Contemporary jewelry is an emerging and fast-growing domain, powered by a bright community of artists.


It is strongly connected to similar areas such as fashion, contemporary art, product design and architecture, while still expressing itself as an independent art form. Romanian jewelry designers communicate concept and stories through their collections, establishing jewelries not as simple accessories, but as objects that bear meaning.

What we do

Assamblage is a non-governmental organization which aims to recognize and promote jewelry as independent art form and increase the visibility of designers in the artistic community, media and general public.

The balance of 2016 gathers more than 10 national and international exhibitions and projects, in contexts and locations such as London Fashion Week, Romanian Design Week, Fiera Milano, Joya Barcelona, Bozar Bruxelles and ​​Prague Design and Fashion Week.

Goals and objectives

- Increasing the recognition and visibility of contemporary jewelry artists through a communication and brand strategy, as well as implementing the artistic and cultural component through tours, events, exhibition, national and international festivals;
- Realizing the association's own material (magazines, catalogs, brochures, etc.) in order to promote the association’s members as creators of contemporary jewelry;

- Encouraging emerging talent and stimulating the transnational mobility of contemporary jewelry designers and their works, with the potential to influence and lasting effects on creative industries;

- Supporting designer projects by organizing meetings, conferences, workshops and developing tools to facilitate the exchange of information and practices in this field;

Assamblage jewelry
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